Generating Stable, Enduring and Growing Streams of Passive Income through Residential Real Estate in the United States is our Passion.

We are a US real estate investment firm. We create and manage stable and enduring home rental portfolios for investors from around the world. We are headquartered in Southfield, Michigan.

We were born as a vehicle for our own US income producing investment activities.  Today we have opened the platform that we have built to third party investors who, like us, are seeking for long term stable income streams and capital preservation.

Our focus is on high income producing residential real estate in urban areas (both single-family and multi-family), more specifically workforce and affordable housing in the Midwest region of the United States. Many of the properties in our portfolios are leased through US federal government assistance programs whereby some rents are paid by an agency of the US government directly to the property owners.

Our value proposition is designed and oriented to investors who, because of time constraints or distance, are not able to or would prefer not to manage their US real estate investments themselves. We offer a complete suite of services to meet this objective including:

  • Advice and Set-up during the investment phase

  • Post-purchase 360° support during the holding period, including property management, accounting, taxes, etc.

  • Brokerage services for future portfolio disposition


If you are interested in learning more about our investment portfolios, please