We focus on Affordable and Workforce Housing. Our portfolios are designed to deliver 15 to 17% gross rental yields.

Our single-family portfolios are generally made up of stabilized individual housing units that are already producing rental income when the investor purchases the portfolio.

our System

1) MidAmerican purchases a property

  •  Proprietary screening and selection process

  • Good neighborhoods

  • Attractive rental market

2) MidAmerican remodels the property

  • Up to code property rehab

  • Standardized quality and materials

  • Permits as required

  • Inhouse project management

3) Inspections for government assistance programs

  • Inspections performed by third party independent licensed inspectors

  • City inspections and licenses required

  • Final approval to qualify for government assistance programs.  This enables us to lease out many properties in our portfolios in such a way that part of the rents are received directly from an agency of the US government.

4) Leasing

  • Property marketing

  • Tenant screening and application review

  • Background check and references

  • Security deposits

  • Move in

  • Rent payment and income

5) Investor purchase:

  • Rental income from day 1

  • Post purchase 360° support


  • Rental income from day one

  • 15 to 17% gross rental yields

  • Rents paid by federal government

  • Portfolio appreciation